High Altitude seeking full compliance with new safety rules at its properties

A leading city trampoline park is working towards meeting stringent new safety standards.

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High Altitude trampolining centre in Whiffler Road, Norwich. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

High Altitude already meets minimum safety standards set by the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP), of which they are a member.

However it is now working towards becoming fully compliant with the changes, designed to ensure maximum levels of safety at all times.

The new standards were introduced in March as there had previously been no official safety standard in place for parks nationwide. Inspections will now be taking place to ensure all parks meet the new guidelines.

Fran Habbitts, managing director of High Altitude, said: “Since the first day of our operations we have consistently delivered a completely safe environment that our clients can enjoy.

“There will always be an element of risk in every trampoline park, but we know it is our duty to be as vigilant as possible.”

Manager Aaron Johnson said: “We are certainly not fully compliant but we are taking it seriously and spending time working towards being fully compliant.

“There are several things still left to complete in the park, such as a redundancy system (backup beds) under all the trampolines beds. We have completed this on six trampolines so far and we have ordered the next batch of netting for the next 58 trampolines today.

“We need an inspection from either ADIPS or a IATP inspector. We hope to have this booked in and completed for August 2017. We will then have to complete any of the remedial works reported in the inspection within a time frame.

“As of March we have learnt the trampoline beds now need jump lines. We have found a source for these mats and we await a quote.”

Michael Harrison, one of the directors of Gravity Trampoline Parks – which has a site in Riverside in Norwich – said Gravity was on the board of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and had been involved in the development of the safety standards from the beginning, including being part of a special steering group.

“We have actually been a driving force [in creating these standards] from the beginning and we still operate far and above the British standards,” he said.

Source: Eastern Daily Press

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