Bowling alley proposed for Lodi, California

lodi caPlanning commission to consider Lodi bowling alley permit

A request for permits along with a site plan for a proposed bowling alley and restaurant on North Sacramento Street is set to go before the Lodi Planning Commission on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Carnegie Forum.

“The property owner has been working for three years on different ideas on how to bring Downtown further north, how to continue to offer something that the Downtown doesn’t have,” said Craig Hoffman, a senior city planner.

According to Hoffman, Joseph Haddad is requesting a use permit, site plan review and parking deviation to allow the construction of a 42,650-square-foot bowling alley with 35 lanes, a 2,200-square-foot restaurant, a 1,240-square-foot kitchen and a 3,000-square-foot banquet room.
He is also seeking a license to sell alcohol and an on-site parking deviation to allow parking on North Sacramento Street. Lodi Bowling will be located at 302, 306, 310, 322 and 400 N. Sacramento St.
“This is a big deal,” Hoffman said. “It adds to the Downtown. It helps stretch the Downtown north. It helps add something new on Sacramento Street. We get a lot of requests from people in the community about why the city doesn’t help to bring family entertainment centers to town, and I think this is our attempt to try to work with somebody to do something like that.”
According to Hoffman, the proposed site plan and architecture is consistent with the historic agricultural packing buildings in the area and along the railroad tracks. The proposed design fits in with the area and creates a feature that is unique and helps the bowling alley become a destination, he said
The proposed project requires approximately 150 parking spaces for the bowling alley, restaurant and bar areas. The project includes 79 on-site parking spaces and 67 spaces located on Sacramento Street.
Hoffman said he is excited about the possibility of a project of this magnitude coming to Lodi.
“It could really bring something pretty special to the community and something special to the Downtown area. This would be a big project for the City of Lodi. This is that entertainment facility that a lot of families have been asking for,” he said.


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