Test Your Skill At Coastal Amusements, IAAPA Booths 1024/924

3 Ring Circus

Coastal AmusementStep right up to Coastal Amusement’s newest ticket redemption game, 3 Ring Circus. This star attraction is sure to fill the house. 3 Ring Circus is a skill-based 3 player attraction that allows each player to spin a reel and win tickets. Each player station is color coded and branded with a circus animal for immediate identification. A progressive bonus feature, as well as a ‘mystery’ bonus, add to the excitement. In addition to the many player features, each station on 3 Ring Circus is equipped with hundreds of RGB LED’s and a 21.5” LCD HD monitor which will draw in crowds to watch the gameplay. 3 Ring Circus boasts attractive carnival themed artwork and the carnival music you have heard for decades. Test your skill on 3 Ring Circus at booths 1024/924 at IAAPA 2017.

Ring Toss

The midway just got a whole lot more fun with Coastal Amusement’s newest family friendly ticket redemption game Ring Toss. Players are challenged to toss rings around the bottles on the playfield. This classic carnival game we know and love will award you with tickets based on your ring tossing skills. Ring Toss boasts 46 molded bottles each lit with RGB LED’s for an impressive and colorful playfield. In addition to the colorful playfield, Ring Toss is equipped with a 32” LCD to add to the appeal and excitement. An optional deluxe bonus sign is available to connect multiple games. Stop by booths 1024/924 at IAAPA 2017 to try you skill at Ring Toss.

For more information contact Coastal Amusements, Inc. 1950 Swarthmore Ave. Lakewood, NJ 08701 phone: +1 (732) 905-0294 or visit their web site @ www.coastalamusements.com

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