Shining Waters Family Fun Park in Canada to open “Surf’s Up” next summer

Shining Waters Family Fun Park
Construction is underway on a new ride in Cavendish at Shining Waters Family Fun Park. The ride is called Surf’s Up and will involve a giant surfboard and lots of spinning on a wave-like track. The ride will be ready for the 2018 season. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Christmas may just be around the corner for most Islanders, but surf’s up at Shining Waters Family Fun Park in Cavendish.

Workers are busy these days constructing a new ride in time for the 2018 season, just one of a few changes people will notice at the park next summer.

The new ride is called Surf’s Up, where riders stand on a giant surfboard as it spins around and around, all the while riding a wave-like track. The ride was built to cater to teenagers but it’s expected to be a hit with just about everyone.

The new ride was purchased from Fun Spot in Kissimmee, Fla., this past April.

“It’s a surf coaster style ride which means it goes back and forth on a track that is up and down and, at the top, there is a large surf board that is spinning,’’ said Matthew Jelley, president of the Maritime Fun Group that owns Shining Waters. “It’s actually a ride that multiple people stand on at the same time.’’

By multiple people, Jelley means 12.

Riders are harnessed in for protection and stand the entire time.

The idea for the ride came from Jelley’s ride broker in the U.S. who called and said she had a deal for a ride that was too good to pass up. The park it was located in was looking to make room for a new rollercoaster.

On Friday, workers were busy putting up some fencing around the ride and anchoring the ride in place on a concrete slab. It is located adjacent to the swinging bridge, just in behind the amphitheatre.

But that’s not the only change the park is making.

The front entrance will expand from four gates to eight to process more guests when things are busy.

There’s also a new food vendor coming in, although Jelley isn’t saying who yet.

“We’ll have an announcement soon but we’ll be bringing in a new food vendor (who is) part of an international food franchise and that’ll create a new option (for guests).’’

The park opens for business on Saturday, June 15.

Source: The Guardian

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