AMOA-NY has chosen a guest of honor JOHN MARGOLD


Please save the date, make reservations now: AMOA-NY has chosen a guest of honor who is admired and respected among his business colleagues and industry peers.


JOHN MARGOLD, AMI Entertainment (Rowe) Senior Vice President of Sales since 2002 has a consistent professional service record to our industry spanning decades. He will be presented with AMOA-NY’s annual award, will be the 2018 “Man of the Year”, on TUESDAY, APRIL 10TH, 6:00 PM-9:00 PM at PATRIZIA’S, (midtown Manhattan), New York City.

John, a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a native of Salem, Massachusetts, previously worked as Vice President of Sales/Marketing at Touchtunes, and as Senior Vice President of NSM America.

His career began at Rowe International in 1975 being named Sales Manager in 1978, being recognized with the company’s President’s Award in 1979 for outstanding jukebox sales.

In recognition of his leadership John served as President of the American Amusement Manufacturers Association (AAMA), in 2011-2012. John has been an advocate of industry transparency and inclusiveness, working to encourage new industry members, while embracing career pathways for young people. As part of the AAMA Government Relations Committee, John helped to bring about a long-term investment tax credit so that operators could re-invest and build equity in their enterprises.

John was presented with AAMA’s Joe Robbins Award in 2011 as a corporate executive who volunteered countless hours in committee work and fundraising for AAMA’s charitable foundation. (A single-digit handicap golfer, John is remembered for staging golf tournaments which raised about $250,000 for AAMA’s support of children’s charities.)

John Margold has been a prominent figure in the Amusement and Music Owners Association (AMOA) participating in all of their special events, adding value and opportunities at annual State Council Meetings, and local operator associations (flying over 1M air miles while doing so).

John earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Lawrence University and has taken advanced Master’s courses at both Harvard University and Northwestern University

Among John Margold’s cheerleaders on April 10th will be his wife of more than thirty years, Julie Shelffo! Also, his daughter, Allison, a Connecticut-based geriatric physician, her husband, Jonathan, and The Margold’s twin granddaughters.

amoa-ny Patrizia’sPlease join us for an overwhelming dinner at one of New York City’s most famous family Italian restaurants, PATRIZIA’S (www. 462-466 Second Avenue by 26th Street, Manhattan, 212-597-9999). Everything on April 10th will be flowing from 6:00 PM-9:00 PM.

In what is becoming a tradition, we expect to feature another recording artist as AMOA-NY’s “Jukebox Artist of the Year” for 2018. Last year, AMOA-NY was privileged to honor a five-time Grammy winner, BJ THOMAS. In 2016 it was TONY ORLANDO. Other “jukebox artists of the year” have been: THE STYLISTICS, folk music icon JUDY COLLINS. five-time Grammy award winner DIONNE WARWICK—and PETER YARROW of the legendary, “Peter, Paul & Mary”.

For Tuesday, April 10th, between***showing your respects for a well-known business leader of our industry who is respected, admired, who has demonstrated himself to be a strong supporter of “the operator***the excitement of meeting another top-of-the-charts jukebox artist***enjoying high-end U.S.D.A. “prime” steakhouse fare and cocktails ***: OH! WHAT A NIGHT! Join us, mark your calendar now. Tuesday, April 10th really isn’t that far away

John Margold in 2018 follows some wonderful past AMOA-NY honorees: Richard Kirby, Robert Geschine, Kevin Fritz, David Cohen, Michael Maas, Eugene Jarvis, Charles “Chuck” Peitz, and AMI ENTERTAINMENT/Rowe, Allen Weisberg, Phil Cohn, and Nina Byron!

Please reminisce with these videos!


Can we count on your participation and support?

Why does AMOA-NY need your monetary contribution at this time through the purchase of tickets and video sponsorships to this April 10th event?  Because of the funds previously provided, AMOA-NY has so far prevailed on a number of issues where the enterprises of operators are being threatened. Our community continues to face unfair competition from government-sponsored “gambling” entities and mega-companies that want government-approved exclusives to kick us out of our space, to usurp our operations. Anyone who doubts this is welcome to visit and experience first-hand, the challenges we face in fighting back in the halls of government.

If you cannot attend April 10th, please be an advertiser/sponsor of our “souvenir video” which will receive ample exposure, and which will be nationally and internationally accessible. The cost for being an advertiser/sponsor is $150 for AMOA-NY members, $250 for non-members. As a video advertiser/sponsor you are contributing money that is earmarked for our government affairs and economic development issues.  Please be generous and forthcoming when responding to this appeal.  Humbly, we can only survive and stay vital with your participation.


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