Firm proposes inflatable water park in Rochester, Minnesota

Proposal to Install Inflatable Water Park at Foster Arend

waterpark proposed

(ABC 6 News) – On Tuesday, the Rochester Parks and Recreation Department heard a presentation about a potential new inflatable water park that would be a part of Foster Arend Park.

A “series of fun” trampolines and slides would extend 137 feet long and 110 feet wide and hold up to 75 people at one time.
Board members like the idea, but were concerned about security at night when the park is closed.

“We would be happy to have overnight security swing through on rounds, using technology [and] cameras to cover us and alert a security company,” Water Parks of Minnesota owner Caleb Owens said.

Owens hopes to have the board’s approval so it can be open by summer. The Parks Department will revisit the lease for approval in May.

Source: ABC6News

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