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Round One Roseville

A little more than a week ago, it was announced that the Westfield Galleria in Roseville would lose Sears, a major retail anchor in Placer County’s 1.12-million-square-foot shopping facility. Now, it appears as if something brand new is destined for the Galleria that is sure to drive tourism and revenue and a whole lot of fun to Roseville.

Round One Entertainment, which offers numerous attractions such as arcade games, state-of- the-art bowling lanes along with food and beverages, has named the Roseville Galleria as one of its new locations. The company was founded in Japan and has since expanded to the United States. As of last week, the Roseville Galleria has been added to its list of new locations.

Round One is particular in the characteristics of the locations in which it chooses to open. Locations are consistently constructed inside popular malls. Square footage of their average facilities ranges from 50,000 to 60,000 square feet. The majority of the square footage is used for multiple forms of family entertaining, ranging from karaoke rooms, hundreds of arcade machines and as many as 20 bowling lanes.

While officials from the Westfield Galleria were unavailable for contact on Round One’s announcement, word of the new addition to Roseville is already getting praise by residents and city leaders.

“Although I haven’t seen the details, I think it’s a brilliant move by Westfield,” said Roseville City Councilman Scott Alvord, who just learned of the news from Round One. “As the world of retail slowly undergoes changes, our world-class mall is smart to stay ahead of the curve and continue to draw people to their venue, encouraging to shop. Our city benefits from the important tax dollars that Westfield brings to our General Fund.”

Additional features include billiards, ping pong tables and dart machines.  The facility offers prizes for patrons, who can select their gifts and redeem winning tickets accordingly, similar to other well-known gaming venues. The dining venues offer seating for hundreds and serves a variety of food and beverages, including a bar.

Round One also fields what is considered compact locations that are smaller in size, ranging between 40,000 and 50,000 square feet. Regardless of the size of the expected Galleria location, it will be a large-scale addition to the community.

As malls such as the Galleria face challenges in the times of departing brick-and-mortar stores that go to the online market, it is becoming commonplace for developers and property managers to find unique alternatives to occupy space in malls. Dining and entertainment options are at the top of the list of these alternatives as they draw visitors to the mall and then to the other retailers sharing real estate with the unique venues.

This growing trend was recently explained by Stephanie Ringey during an interview with the Business Journal, focusing on the future of malls in a changing economy. Ringey is a senior marketing director with the Westfield Corporation, who operates the Roseville Galleria.

“The categories are kind of endless and yes, we are looking at all of them,” Ringey said.

Items such as arcades, eateries, bowling alleys and “fun zones” are becoming commonplace in malls across the nation that long ago only offered movie theaters and snack bars for dining and entertainment. The options offer a one- stop shop for families and visitors who want to shop, play and dine at one facility.

Sacramento and Placer counties are growing in the way of entertainment-themed eateries and bars. In addition to longtime options such as Dave and Busters, Golfland and John’s Incredible Pizza, many local escape rooms have opened their doors in the region. Quarry Park Adventures is set to open in Rocklin in June.  In Sacramento, the Punch Bowl Social has become a popular outing.

Source: Roseville and Granite Bay Press Tribune


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