Outdoor go-kart track could be coming to Hilton Head

Go-karts may be zooming into Hilton Head Island next spring, if property owner Roger Freedman gets his way.

The proposed 750- to 800-foot track would be home to 20 go-karts and located within Freedman’s 16-acre property off Marshland Road. The property already includes Aerial Adventure Park, Up the Creek Pub and Grill and Broad Creek Marina.

If Freedman’s vision goes through, it would be the only operating go-kart racetrack on the island.

Although still in the planning stages, Freedman said that construction would be quick once he gets the OK from the town. In just six weeks, the track and accompanying garage could be built and ready for families and tourists during the summer, he said.

Neighbors in the area may be concerned about the noise of go-karts, but Freedman said he has considered that. The new track would feature electric go-karts, which rely on an electric motor and rechargeable batteries instead of traditional gas motors. Although they’re more expensive, Freedman said the investment is worth quieter fun.

“We are generally well-received, and we have a good track record with the town,” he said. “We try to do things that are eco-friendly.”

Red Bull, a popular sponsor of professional go-karting, released a report earlier this year detailing the differences between gas and electric karts.

“They produce no harmful gases that pollute the environment, which also makes it possible to use them in indoor facilities,” blogger Darshan Chokhani said about electric go-kart alternatives. “Furthermore, they can be used in and around residential areas since they produce very little noise.”

Aerial Adventure Park is already home to a zip-line tower and Up the Creek Pub and Grill. The property backs up to county-owned land, and Freedman said he believes residents in the area won’t be disturbed by the outdoor track.

“The noise from the marina will be louder than the go-karts,” Freeman said in reference to the day-to-day commotion of the boat activity.

The pre-application meeting where Freedman will present his idea to town staff will be held Monday.

By Katherine Kokal




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