Creative Storage Solutions

By Jimmy Chaps


TIP 1 – Snack Cups

Here is a great idea that can take on several different looks….Snack Cups. As you can see they can be used on your counters. They make for a clean presentation which will catch your customer’s eye. They can also be use in your cranes and merchandisers. You can fill them with candy, ticket or other desirable products that appeal to your customer base. NOTE: when using them in cranes and merchandisers please tape the lids so they do not open when dropped.


TIP 2 – Barrels of Efficiency

I know I am crazy but I love barrels. They make for a great tool in our industry. In this picture they are using them to display merchandise for quick prize replenishment. The late, great Richard Oltmann used them in his storage rooms to help his redemption workers to quickly refill the walls during the very busy weekends in his three locations. They work great for balls of all sizes and plush. Depending on your locations look you can even wrap them with your logo to dress them up if they can be seen by your customers!!

TIP 3 – Giant Crane Storage

Are you reaping the rewards from your Giant Crane? If not you need to get one if your have the room. The revenues these cranes are generating is unbelievable in every location. While in Georgia I came across this set up. I really like the way they took advantage of the space above the crane to display their logo balls. This also helps in having the needed inventory to keep the crane full!!! If the wooden look does not suit your fancy, you can put metal poles on the corners which you can paint then wrap the top in netting that still allows your logo balls to be seen.

About Jimmy Chaps

Jimmy Chaps has been in our great industry for over 30 years. His industry knowledge includes years of manufacturing cranes, merchandisers and redemption games, as well as, operational experience in FEC’s and on the street. From seminars at industry trade shows and distributor Open Houses, Jimmy passion for sharing high quality information shows in every tip.
Contact Jimmy @   jchapman@bmimerchandise.com 1530 Westmeath Ave.  Green Bay, WI 54313  Cell – (630) 258 – 3058  Phone –   (800) 272 – 6375  Fax  –  (732) 363 – 1883


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