WATCH: See the Lehigh Valley’s new rope course for yourself

If a warehouse full of trampolines isn’t enough to entertain your kids, then check out the latest attraction at the FreeFall Trampoline Park.

The family-centered park on Baglyos Circle in Bethlehem Township opened its FreeFall Adventure Course on Friday.

The course consists of a series of different rope bridges suspended about 10 feet off the ground. You get the thrill of a tightrope walk without the danger because you’re harnessed in.

“It definitely works on skill building, balance,” said the park’s general manager, Michael Badway.

It’s the only rope course in the Lehigh Valley, Badway said. Anyone can try it as long as you can fit into the smallest harness and you’re wearing closed-toe shoes. Children under 4 feet tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Like the trampoline attractions, the rope course gets kids off the couch and away from electronics.

“Kids come and they jump around and they don’t realize they’re getting exercise in and they’re having fun doing it,” Badway said.

The course costs $8 to $12 depending on the base package you purchase to enter the park.

The park has become a popular winter destination since it opened in November 2015. Badway said it often reaches its capacity of 200 jumpers on weekends in the winter. Around this time of year it’s not unusual to reach 150 jumpers on a weekend.

Admission rates are on the park website.

“Our goal is to keep it affordable. We want to give families the option of coming here and not having to drop $100, $200,” Badway said

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