Pumpkin Race

With Halloween right around the corner, how about an olde fashion pumpkin race??!!
I came across this picture and loved the smiles on the people’s faces. Can you imagine all the fun these people are having. You can have your customers bring in their best Pumpkin Cars for a race. The best looking and the fastest win prizes. You can even do this with different age groups….makes sure you have an Adult Class as we are all kids at heart!!!!

Out With the Old, In With the New

As we are working through the final quarter of 2018, how many of you are planning for 2019?
Now is the time to be thinking about the following:
-What are the bottom five games in my mix earning? With IAAPA right around the corner it is time to be thinking about replacing them as in most cases they are earning you less that $75.00 a week. In essence they are costing you much, much more than they are making you.
-What new attraction will you be adding to freshen up your location? Competition is tough so you must be thinking what attraction can you add. This is much like your game mix. If you keep offering the same old thing, your customers will find other locations to visit. If you have the space maybe take our a batting cage to add a pavilion. Is it time to update your mini-golf course? Is it time to add some new items to your menu?
-How are you going to attract better workers? Is your hiring practices a bit outdated? Are you asking the right questions? If you are headed to IAAPA next month look at the many seminars they offer. Take a look at HR FORWARD, November 14th at 8:30am – 9:45am, I am confident you will learn a thing or two.
-What new Birthday Party packages will you be offering in the new year? When was the last time you updated you party offerings? The better the party package, the larger the bottom line!!!
Take the time now to begin looking forward to 2019. As my father always shared with me and my brothers…take the needed time to plan as a good plan takes time to put together. If you are making your goals and plans on New Year’s Eve that you has passed you by already.

Personal Tip

This is a personal tip….what are you doing to have fun? When was the last time you really, truly laughed? When was the last time your whole family came together???
We all have busy lives. Rushing from one task to the next. Trying to use technology to its fullest to get everything done in one day. We are always rushing around and we are not getting the most out of life.
Please do yourself, and your loved ones, a favor…take a weekend to do the things you miss. Have your family over for dinner. Invite your neighbors over for snacks and a glass of wine. Put your phones down at your kid’s next game or tourney.
When you unplug and get in front of family and friends your life becomes much happier. Last weekend my wife and I put away our phones and made a real effort to talk to the parents of the player our son was playing against in his tennis tourney. It was so refreshing to have a real conversation, some great laughter and enjoying being in the present. We had a great weekend as a family and made a couple new friends. This is what life is really about.
Remember, we are much more than what we do for a living. We all need to get away from what we do to make a living and enjoy the great gifts we take for granted. There is a lot of fun out there in the world…go find it!!!!

About Jimmy Chaps

Jimmy Chaps has been in our great industry for over 30 years. His industry knowledge includes years of manufacturing cranes, merchandisers and redemption games, as well as, operational experience in FEC’s and on the street. From seminars at industry trade shows and distributor Open Houses, Jimmy passion for sharing high quality information shows in every tip.
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