Bay Tek Games Announces Company Name Change to Bay Tek Entertainment

Bay Tek EntertainmentPulaski, WI – The 41-year-old family-owned game manufacturer has changed its name from Bay Tek Games to Bay Tek Entertainment.

We’ve been in the entertainment business for a long time,” said Larry Treankler, Owner and Chairman of Bay Tek Entertainment. “We just needed our name to catch up to where we are right now and provide direction and inspiration to where we’re going.”

More than Games.

Bay Tek Games was introduced to the arcade gaming industry in 1977 with its Rolldown games, popular in carnivals and family entertainment centers across the world.  Since then, they’ve manufactured hundreds of classic game-room winners, including favorites Big Bass Wheel, Tower of Tickets, and Skee-Ball. Since purchasing the Skee-Ball brand in 2016, Bay Tek has entered the licensing market at full force, developing three miniature-sized Skee-Ball toys, an app, as well as a Nintendo Switch game. They’ve also acquired Dimensional Branding Group, a San Francisco-based licensing firm that specializes in the toy and interactive markets.

“Being a player in the licensing industry has been a lot of fun. We’re learning the power of a strong brand and how to leverage that power across multiple channels, not just in physical game rooms,” said Larry.

Bay Tek has utilized the power of brands with recent game launches like Connect 4 Hoops, Trolls, and Scooby-Doo.

“We’re excited as we continue to dive deeper into entertainment territory. It’s vast, but the opportunities are endless,” said Larry.

Additionally, Bay Tek is partnered with another player in the entertainment industry. GamerGreen is a rewards program that replaces traditional tickets that are redeemed at game room prize counters with virtual currency that allows players to bank their G-Tickets into the app where they can then browse for prizes that are then shipped to their door.

“We believe GamerGreen is the future of prize redemption and we know this technology and its learnings span far beyond the game industry,” said Larry.

“GamerGreen has almost 500,000 online users, giving us player behavior data unlike any we’ve ever seen in this industry. With GamerGreen technology we are able to learn about our players and understand and serve their current needs, as well as anticipate future entertainment opportunities,” said Larry.

New Look.

Rich with symbolism, the new Bay Tek Entertainment logo places focus on the future while paying homage to the past. It keeps the star metaphor front and center, referencing Bay Tek’s lifelong commitment to five-star quality. But there’s more to the star than meets the eye – it’s comprised of two sevens, a tribute to Bay Tek’s 1977 origin, and the placement of the two sevens creates an arrow, signifying the upward the forward motion of the company’s future. Finally, the star is comprised of four separate and unique shapes. Independent from each other they would look peculiar or aimless, like they were unplanned or even accidental. But when these shapes come together the picture is clear and complete. Like Bay Tek’s four founders, these four shapes come together to create something bigger than they could ever be on their own. Unified, they produce a star; a light leading the company through the unknown.

About Bay Tek

Bay Tek Entertainment was founded in 1977 and is a family owned and operated business that is driven to provide fun and profit through innovative entertainment products and services. The employees share one vision of becoming the best in the world at creating awesome entertainment for people of all ages.

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