Andamiro Ships Pump It Up 20th Anniversary Dance Videogame

andamiro logoGARDENA, CA–February 6, 2019– Now available from Andamiro USA is the Pump It Up 20th Anniversary edition which can be purchased as an entirely new dedicated machine or in kit formats to update compatible legacy games. Dubbed PIU-XX, Andamiro’s latest model packs lots of new features, expansive music library, a redesigned interface and stunning graphics to mark the game’s milestone, giving both dance pros and casual players something special.

Andamiro, pump it up dance gameThe world’s No. 1 dance simulation game, Pump It Up was originally released in August 1999 in South Korea. The game became a huge success in its home market, and it soon after reached North and South America, and Europe, as well as other parts of Asia. Today, Pump It Up is a pop culture icon around the world and commands a zealous fan base.

Dedicated 20th Anniversary games ship in Andamiro’s current Pump It Up LX cabinet with 55″ high-def display. Upgrade kits, which include the new software and 20th Anniversary marquee, are supported by PIU cabinet versions CX (43”), TX (55”) and FX (42”), along with the current LX cabinet. Coinciding with the release of PIU-XX for arcades, Andamiro will soon release a Pump It Up mobile version.

New 20th anniversary game features include renewals for song and step difficulties, and more than 100 reward titles. PIU-XX will also have an online matchmaking system, which can connect players of similar abilities.

Pump It Up 20th Anniversary dedicated games and upgrade kits are available through authorized Andamiro distributors. PIU-XX games began shipping during the last week of January. When ordering an upgrade, Andamiro recommends that operators provide their game’s serial number and model version.

Headquartered near Seoul, Korea, Andamiro Co. Ltd. designs and manufactures ticket redemption and sports amusements, videogames and prize merchandisers. For more information about Pump It Up’s 20th Anniversary edition, please contact Andamiro USA at (310) 767-5800 or

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