Valentine’s Day is quickly upon us….use this great promotion to your advantage!!!

Jim Chapman Regional Sales Manager BMI MERCHANDISE For those of you using a card swipe system take it a step further–give them a $5.00 or $10.00 game card.
Get this promotion to every teacher in your area. Remember, the teachers are in close contact with your real customers. The kids will come running home which will drive business the next weekend. Do not forget to get this promotion to all the bus drivers. This is a forgotten link in the chain to your customers. 
Lastly, do not forget about all the coaches in your area. I have seen first hand how these guys/girls can be a real asset to your company. Most do their duties for the love of their players and the game. This promotion offers them to put a smile on their players faces. 
For more information  contact Jimmy Chapps @ 630 258-3058 or by email


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