faceplace election prediction“My wife and I mark all our big occasions in photo booths” said Aaron from Cheektowaga, NY. “Today my wife gave me the biggest surprise ever in a photo booth. She told me she was pregnant by holding up a sign before the first picture. It was amazing. I was so shocked!. This is one of many lovely photobooth stories that we like to hear at Apple Industries.

Apple Face Place, Amusement News, AmusementRC, Valentines Day, Valentine’s Day has become a multi-billion-dollar business with $18.2 billion spent on cards, candies, flowers and a variety of other tokens of affection. Face Place photo booth owners saw a boost of 100 percent in sales last year thanks to the Valentine’s Day art updates and their own marketing efforts. With a Face Place photo booth, users can choose from a variety of romantic backgrounds and print romantic photo strips or send personalized greeting cards to the ones they love.

In Manhattan, Stephanie had a first kiss with her husband-to-be at the time in a photo booth. She said “I had no idea he was going to propose. Then when the flash went off, he was not looking at the camera but looking at me with a box in his hand!” The photos from our photobooth mean sometimes more than just a moment in time!

Over the past few years, Apple Industries has helped its operators to grab a part of the Valentine’s Day excitement. Face Place photo booths are helping operators to cash in with new Valentine’s Day art that allows users to print love-themed photos or create custom online greeting cards for the holiday of love. We have found an interesting statistic for our photobooth customers: 53% of women said they would break up with their significant others if they receive nothing for Valentine’s Day! So, find today your nearest photo booth and save your love relationship!

To help photo booth owners increase sales, the Face Place photo booths would automatically display the Valentine’s Day art to consumers as they walked by the booth. This enticement becomes more effective in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day and works like a revenue magnet on Valentine’s Day itself. The updates for artwork are loaded directly into the Smile 2.0 software, so operators do not have to worry about making their machines ready for the holiday crowds.

Couples love kissing in front of a camera on Valentine’s Day,” says Apple CEO Allen Weisberg. What better way to show someone how much they mean to you than with a customized, online Valentine’s Day card? They also make great greeting cards to send to family members and close friends as well,” Weisberg noted.

This year’s Valentine’s Day art upgrade is expected to bring plenty of attention to Face Place photo booths and the operators who own them. Operators are encouraged to begin marketing their Face Place customized photo art for Valentine’s Day as soon as possible.


Apple Industries ( ; ) is the world leading photo booth manufacturer and has been a family-run business for more than 30 years. Apple Industries manufactures, markets and sells the award-winning line of Face Place digital photo booths. “PRINT BUDII” is the name of the new Apple Industries’ division dedicated to digital photo printing via self-service kiosks in addition to the renowned photobooth company division called FACE PLACE. Apple’s FACE PLACE division is dedicated to the manufacturing of photobooths in the United States and includes the following popular brand names: Face Place Deluxe, Photo Studio Deluxe, Photo Studio Prism, Scene Machine, Movie booth, Outdoor Booth, Sapphire, Photo2Go, Photo Studio Station, Wedding Booth, Magazine Me and our latest addition, The MARVEL Adventure Lab.

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