El Paso, Texas, to get 5 new water parks

City asks neighbors to come up with themes for 5 new water parks

 Five new water parks are coming to El Paso. They will be built with lazy rivers, slides, water playgrounds and lounge pools.

 “We have probably one Wet and Wild. We need more stuff on the Eastside, too, so that will be nice,” said East El Paso resident Luis Uribarri.
“There’s nothing really around here to do,” said East El Paso resident Domingo Recinos.
 The city of El Paso is looking to change that reputation by building five new water parks.

“I think that’s really awesome! Just because there’s nothing fun to do in this area, honestly. Nothing like that. Parks are really boring, really simple,” said Lower Valley resident Yahaira Vasquez.

The city started a public outreach campaign to get feedback from the community on the branding for the parks under design right now. They want each park to be unique in our community.

“Part of the feedback we get, our consultant.. (is) going to create concept themes that we will then take… to the community and share with them and get their additional feedback,” said Sam Rodriguez, city engineer.

The city wants community members to go onto the website and suggest themes the community can relate to.

“As an example, a western theme, or a jungle theme,” Rodriguez explained. “When you think of water parks or amusement parks that you go to throughout the country, that’s the type of facility that we want to create.”

“Desert themed because were in the desert. Like cactus and stuff like that, wildlife,” Recinos said.

“I like the little desert theme. Some rock slides or stuff like that,” Uribarri suggested.

It’s a three week campaign and city officials are hoping to get everything submitted by May 26. The consultant will develop the themes to take back to the community for feedback toward the end of June. The designs are scheduled to be completed towards the end of this year. Parks are scheduled to open in summer of 2020.

“I guess zombies! That would be pretty cool,. I know I like zombies. Monsters,” Vasquez suggested.

“One of them will be located at the Eastside Regional Park, which is being designed by Perkins and Well. That water park is obviously part of a much bigger project that we are looking at, the recreation center, another 50-meter competition pool and a diving well. We also have one located in the Lower Valley area off of Giles Road. We have one in District 2 that’s proposed to be located at the Ross Middle School site. We also have one proposed at the Cohen Stadium site and the last one is going to be located at the West Side.”

Rodriguez said the city is in negotiations right now for the location of the Westside park, so they can’t disclose the exact location. But it’s going to be developed with the same time frame. Parkhill, Smith and Cooper is the design team for four of the parks. The fifth one is contracted with the Perkins and Well design team.

The website will be available Friday, at which point ideas can be submitted to EPWaterParks.com.

 Source: KFOX14

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