John Newberry with Venco Business Solutions

John Newberry with Venco Business Solutions would like to thank all of our great customers across the nation that make our business possible.

Starting with a single pool table purchase in 1968, Venco Business Solutions has experienced the normal up and down run in the Amusement industry over the years. We have seen a lot of diversity within the industry with ATMs bringing very positive input with the deployment on our routes.

Moving forward in the industry, I am sure there will be other ideas and products that the operators will be able to add to their business model which will help growth and sustain their business.

Along with 48 employees, we service over 15,000 customers with products including ATM’s, Wireless Products, Background Music, Drive-Thru products and Digital Signage for the Restaurant industry, and a large array of amusement and Juke Box products.

Venco Business Solutions offers processing, sales and technical service for our ATM customers, as well wireless units for ATMs, Juke Boxes and POS systems.

As far as the future of our company, I am fortunate to have two of my daughters as active members of our management team and I have been able to surround myself with a great staff which will help guide our business forward for many years.

I would like to thank the industry for letting me be part of it for so many years and I plan on helping my team with future growth.

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