IPLAYCO logoTAG Interactive Arenas is a new concept in social active leisure through the technological gamification of physical events. A creative blend of physical obstacles and challenging events with immersive activities that make up the multilevel, multi zoned TAG Arenas.  Player worn electronic bands provide gamification and competitive metrics.  Tag arena games are designed to test strategy, speed, agility, awareness, bravery, as well fitness, fun and competition.  The arena itself contains a complex structure of inter-connected activity areas. Each challenge requires a mixture of physical and mental agility. The arena is split into separated zones, permitting enhanced player distribution and capacity iplaycomanagement.


Hidden throughout the arena activities are a large number of illuminated TAG’s. The TAG’s are controlled via a central computer and glow in different colours corresponding to a pre-determined points system. Points are collected by players using a sensor worn as a wristband. When a wristband is located onto a TAG’s light source, a point’s value is allocated to the specific player’s wristband. As the player identifies and reaches more TAG’s the players score escalates.  iplaycoThe point’s value allocated to each TAG will be determined by the degree of difficulty incurred in trying to reach it. Strategy will play a large part in each competitors thinking, as to whether to collect many easier to reach, but lower valued TAG’s, or whether to take on harder challenges in order to be rewarded with more points.  In a 3 zone arena players will take part in three fifteen minute games with a short rest and hydration between games.  Custom design available to suit space and capacities.


Cyber Towers are two side by side timed vertical obstacle towers.  The towers are independent of each other but players can race together. With TAG technology players split times and total completion times of the towers are recorded. The best daily and all time scores displayed on the large scoreboard.


Aerial Assault is a gamified modular obstacle wall system.  Select from our range of Aerial Assault obstacle sections and design a wall to suit your space and challenge level. Interactive TAG beacons in the sections provide targets, players much reach and tag with their wristband.  All players attempts, scores and results are stored and displayed with large leaderboard scores.




For more information about TAG Interactives please contact iPlayCO at https://www.iplayco.com/tag-interactive-arenas or sales@iplayco.com

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