What is Tigapo? See it at the AEI 2019

Tigapo, is an innovative arcade and vending machine game management and payment system company.
Tigapo’s digital and mobile-first management and payment platform connects coin operated machines to the cloud and collects and analyzes data in realtime, enabling operators to learn users’ habits, autonomously and remotely manage operations, drive incremental revenue and dramatically reduce costs. Additionally, the system will alert operators in real-time to technical problems with any of the games as well as inform them as to which games drive the most revenue, enabling strategic game placement inside the arcade.
Prior to the expo, the company will be announcing details around a capital raise and its expansion into the US market. If interested in meeting with the executive team of Tigapo at the expo, and receive a demo of the product, please let me know and I will be happy to set it up.
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