Bay Tek debuts smaller Connect 4 Hoops “HD” at Amusement Expo

bay tek entertainment, skee ballPulaski, WI – At the 2019 Amusement Expo International, Bay Tek Entertainment will debut its latest redemption game Connect 4 Hoops HD; a smaller version of the wildly popular and high performing basketball game, Connect 4 Hoops.

Bay Tek EntertainmentOne or two players shoot baskets and watch as their 7” Bay Tek-branded basketballs magically fall into place on 65” high-definition screen. The first player to align four balls horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the augmented reality playfield wins!

Connect 4 Hoops HD is a smaller version than the original, allowing it to fit in most game rooms. Assembled, it is 9’ tall, 5’1” wide and 9’4” deep.

“The most noticeable difference is this game is 2 ½ feet shorter than the original Connect 4 Hoops, and over 3 feet shallower. That’s really important for smaller game rooms with shorter ceilings. It also helps that it only ships on two pallets, versus four with the regular Hoops game,” said Rick Rochetti, Director of Sales & Marketing at Bay Tek.

Despite its smaller stature, the game is still impressive in any game room and it ranks and earns as well as the larger version.

“Connect 4 Hoops is such a success, so we wanted to keep the gameplay the same because we knew we had something special,” said Rochetti.

The original Connect 4 Hoops is still available for those that can accommodate the size. However, the new Connect 4 Hoops HD is available for those that want to get in on the fun but couldn’t with the original size.

With its intuitive game play, vibrant cabinet design, and overwhelming popularity, Connect 4 Hoops HD is sure to be an all-star in your game room.

Order now by contacting Bay Tek Entertainment at 920-822-3951 or or contact a Bay Tek distributor.  

About Bay Tek

Bay Tek Entertainment was founded in 1977 and is a family owned and operated business that is driven to provide fun and profit through innovative entertainment products and services. Headquartered in the heart of the Midwest, Pulaski, the Bay Tek team shares one vision of becoming the best in the world at developing and manufacturing entertainment products and services.

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