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AMI ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK LOGOAMI Announces Contest Giveaway for Keith Richards Win the 30th Anniversary ‘Talk is Cheap’ Super Deluxe Box Set

AMI Keith Richards giveawayPhiladelphia, PA, April 12, 2019 – AMI Entertainment Network announced a new music contest to win Keith Richards’ Talk is Cheap 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box Set. The new 6-disc collection celebrates Richards’ debut solo album originally released in 1988. It’s packed with great collector’s items and new bonus material. The contest is open now through April 24, 2019. Music fans can enter the contest using the AMI Music app, available on iOS and Android. Contest entry is also available on any participating AMI Jukebox.

Keith Richards rose to prominence with The Rolling Stones and established himself as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. Following an incredible three-decade run as one of the top bands in rock music, The Rolling Stones effectively went on hiatus from 1986 to 1988. This was largely due to the growing tensions between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger over the musical direction of the band. Their “love-hate” relationship is a well-documented aspect of the group. In 1986, Mick Jagger was more focused on his solo album than touring and Keith Richards began working on his own solo project for the first time.

That solo project became the album Talk is Cheap. The album received great critical acclaim. It peaked at 24 on the Billboard 200 album chart and would eventually go gold. Singles form the album include “Take It So Hard,” “Struggle,” and “You Don’t Move Me,” which was written about the Richards-Jagger feud. The song “Almost Hear You Sigh” would also be featured on the 1989 Stones album Steel Wheel, with lyrical modifications from Jagger.

The new 30th Anniversary box set comes loaded with extras for music fans, including 6 unreleased bonus tracks. Steven Jordan, the original album producer, remastered all of the audio. It also comes with an 80-page hardcover book, featuring a new Keith Richards interview, rare and unseen photos, and more. The box itself is wrapped in “Fender replica guitar case material” for an authentic classic rock look. Also included are items like laminates, lyric sheets, reproduced Talk is Cheap playback invite, guitar pics and posters. AMI Entertainment is proud to offer the music contest to Keith Richards fans and music lovers. The memorabilia items and unreleased material are sure to be must-have items in any rock collection. Contestants are encouraged to use the AMI Music app to enter or visit their favorite AMI jukebox venue.

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