AMI Celebrates The Head & the Heart’s New Album

Contest Winner to Score a Signed Turntable from the Band!

AMI ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK LOGOPhiladelphia, PA, May 17, 2019 AMI Entertainment Network announced AMI announced a new music contest to win an autographed turntable from The Head and The Heat. The contest celebrates the band’s new album Living Mirage. 5 runners-up will score a vinyl copy of the album. The contest is open now through May 29, 2019. Music fans can enter the contest using the AMI Music app, available on iOS and Android. Contest entry is also available on any participating AMI Jukebox.

The Head and the Heart has been producing music since forming in 2010. Band members met each other at a series of open mic nights in Seattle, although they’re originally from different parts of the country. Their homespun folky rock sound and earnest lyrics possessed an honesty that resonated with fans. They self-produced their eponymous debut album and sold over 10,000 copies before signing to Sup Pop records, Warner’s Indie label. Sub Pop, who is famous for discovering Seattle grunge acts like Nirvana, re-produced and re-released the album in 2011. It reached 110 on the Billboard 200 and helped launch the band’s career.

Their second album, Let’s Be Still (2013), featured similar folk-rock sounds reminiscent of old-timey instrumentation. It reached number 10 on the album chart, growing the band’s popularity. They followed that up with Signs of Light in 2016, which is their first major-label album (Warner). Their rustic musicality was still present on the album, but they matured that sound with sweeping rock guitar riffs for more of a “radio-ready” sound. It went on to be their highest charting album at number 5.

Living Mirage is the fourth album from the band. It’s the first from them since the amicable departure of co-founder Josiah Johnson in 2016. They released the single “Missed Connection” ahead of

the album. The band states the song was originally about how band co-founder Jonathan Russel met his girlfriend. But it soon came to represent the band’s origin story. The single teases a new evolution in their sound as it incorporates more modern elements like synth stabs, swift drums, and a chugging baseline. The full album is out now. The Head and the Heart full discography is available in the AMI Digital Jukebox Network.

AMI is proud to offer the music contest to fans of The Head and the Heart, as well as all music lovers. The signed turntable will be a statement piece in any music collection. Contestants are encouraged to use the AMI Music app to enter or visit their favorite AMI jukebox venue.

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