Mario Kart VR Races to California at K1 Speed Irvine!

Mama Mia! Get ready for a whole new karting experience at K1 Speed. The worldwide phenomenon that is Mario Kart VR comes to our Irvine location this month!

This is only the second time in history that Mario Kart VR has been offered in the United States (previously only found in Washington DC). And K1 Speed Irvine will be the only place in the entire country where you’ll be able to try this unique experience that journalists and gamers have been raving about since its introduction in Tokyo.

Our whole arcade at K1 Speed Irvine has been converted into VR Zone Portal Irvine – a Bandai Namco Amusement arcade with the latest exciting video game experiences that are coming out of Japan.


On the way, you’ll have to dodge Piranha Plants and Thwomps as you twist your way around the circuit. Of course, Mario Kart wouldn’t be complete without weapons, so these are very much a part of the experience as well. Instead of driving into blocks to pick up a weapon, you’ll simply grab one from a balloon that floats above you within reaching distance. Once you’ve snatched a weapon, you’ll be able to throw bananas or green shells at your opponents or smash a fellow racer with a hammer as you storm past.

And Mario Kart VR isn’t the only amazing VR experience coming to K1 Speed Irvine. Take a look at the other games in the arcade!

Mario Kart VR
In Mario Kart VR, we’ll have four different karts for you to jump into. Each kart comes complete with rumble seats, pedals and steering wheel. Each kart represents one of the playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi.

Once you’re in your kart, you’ll be slipping on a HTC Vive virtual reality headseat, headphones with mics, and Vive Trackers on your hands. Then, you’ll be transported to the virtual world of Mushroom Kingdom where you and your friends will be racing against Bowser and Wario for the top step of the podium.

SOURCE: K1 Speed Irvine!

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