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Last week, I wrote about the four categories of operators I see in the location-based entertainment industry.  The Spectator is sitting on the beach, watching other operators ride the third wave of VR, paralyzed by fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  The Follower is surfing the most crowded beaches; buying what everyone else is buying, figuring that there’s strength in numbers, but missing out on the opportunity to differentiate their business in a time of almost unprecedented innovation in our industry.  The Trialist is running down the beach and diving into what he hopes is a great beach break, but just as likely the water is filled with urchins, stingrays, sharp coral and maybe even sharks. He’s buying what looks fresh and different, hoping to gain an advantage, but isn’t applying a strategy to his selection process. The Strategist knows the swell angle and period, wind direction, tides, and even the topography of the ocean floor. She applies all her knowledge of the industry: the tech, the location, her operation, and most importantly, the consumer, to select the perfect VR attraction for every situation.

This week, I will break down those four critical components of your business to offer some insight into how you can become a Strategist, and consistently win more customers in the increasingly competitive location-based entertainment market.

(if you are developing a VR attraction, or selling one now, understanding this will help you gain valuable insight into how your

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