The 34th Anniversary BullShooter Tournament Was a Great Success!

The 34th Anniversary of the BullShooter Tour concluded over Memorial Day weekend, May 23-27, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, in Rosemont, Illinois.  Players came from all over the U.S., plus many foreign countries to join in the 5-day tournament of exciting darts, great parties, and all around camaraderie.
$140,000+ was given out over the weekend, plus trophies, and many prizes, including three full size dart games.  Two home dart games were given away at the parties and the third game was a red Galaxy 3 Fire game that was given away in a drawing of all the players that contributed to “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”, a charity dedicated to helping ensure that families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.  Arachnid co-sponsors The Dart Zone, from Minnesota, Cosmo Darts, from Japan and FlexCourt, from Illinois, were on hand all weekend.  Green fees were added at registration, to eliminate the use of quarters, with all games on free play all weekend.
Thursday Events
With early arrivals, the weekend started off Thursday night with a 4-man / 4-woman team event called “Monsters of The Midway” in Pro and Open levels.
Friday Top Gun Events
On Friday at 3 p.m., the Top Gun events started with a Cricket Singles event in Men’s, Pro & Pro AA, Women’s and Women’s A & AA events.  This was a single elimination format and we really saw some great shooting.  In the Pro & Pro AA Singles event, Boris Krcmar, from Croatia, played Jeremiah Millar, from Oxford, MI.  In the last game Boris came out on top winning the game and winning the 1st place championship.  Excellent darts were thrown with the crowd cheering them on.
There were also fun events on the side for players who were eliminated from Top Gun events. Hyatt Double Down Cricket Singles and The Dart Zone, Flip-It Cricket Doubles.  In the afternoon, top dart players teamed up in a Top Gun Mixed 701 Triples in two divisions.  $20,000 was awarded in payout across the Top Gun events on Friday.
Main Events
Saturday morning, at 10 a.m., Arachnid 360 President, Sam Zammuto, welcomed all the players and thanked them for attending.  Then the National Anthem was beautifully sung by Melanie Carter, BullShooter frisbees were thrown out into the crowd, and the main events got underway.  Doubles started the day off in six divisions.  Pro AA Cricket Doubles followed with Mixed Cricket Doubles closing out the day.  Sunday the main events played were Women’s B Combo Luck, Women’s A & AA Combo Luck, Men’s 501 Singles, Pro AA & Pro Mixed Cricket Doubles and Mixed 701 Triples.  Then on Monday Pro 501 Singles, Pro AA 501 Singles, Women’s Cricket Doubles in three divisions, and Cricket Doubles in three divisions completed the tournament.  $140,000 was awarded to the winners in the main events.
Canada Wins International Team Event!
At 10 a.m. Sunday morning, the exciting International Team event started with five countries: Canada, Denmark, Germany, Spain and U.S.A., marching in waving their country’s flags to their National Anthems.  Each team was introduced by Sam Zammuto, Arachnid 360 President, and presented medallions.  Team U.S.A. was the last team introduced.  After they were presented their medallions, the U.S.A. team members threw out baseballs with the BullShooter bull imprinted on them to the crowd of spectators.  All teams had their photos taken in the Bull Pen and then the competition began.  They played a round robin format and the two teams with the highest number of wins played for the giant International Cup and bragging rights!  This year Team Canada and Team U.S.A. had the highest number of wins, so they met in the Bull Pen with packed stands of spectators.  Everyone was curious to see if Team Canada would be able to defend their last year’s win and keep the Cup.  Team Canada, with players: Jayson Barlow, Dave Cameron, Adam Stella, Jeremiah Millar, Jason Roker and Cory Tkach were on fire shooting terrific darts and won two games in a row. Then Team U.S.A. with team members: Alex Reyes, Joe Hedrick, Dustin Holt and Danny Baggish won the third game.  Team Canada won the last game to win the championship and the coveted International Cup.  Excellent darts were thrown during the competition and we would like to thank all the teams for participating.  The event was so much fun to watch and the spectators enjoyed the great competition.
Party, Party, Party!
When playing darts everyone is very serious with $140,000 up for grabs, and when at the BullShooter parties on Saturday and Sunday night, the players let loose! Dancing, socializing and having a few drinks was the standard from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. when the DJ, Hollywood Productions, was done for the night.  At the parties, Sam Zammuto and Chris Beall gave away free hotel nights at the Hyatt, $100 gift cards from The Dart Zone and two Galaxy 3 Home Games!  The names were drawn from that day’s registration forms on Saturday and Sunday for the drawings.
Women’s MVP Paula Murphy with Brad Boe
Most Valuable Player Awards
MVP rings are awarded to the male and female players with the highest points for the weekend.  Points are based on placement in the main events and Top Gun events on Friday.  This year’s Women’s MVP player is Paula Murphy, from Orange Park, Florida.  The Men’s MVP player is Rusty Jake Rodriguez, from Austria.
Men’s MVP, Rusty Jake Rodriguez with Arachnid Tournament Director Brad Boe
The BullShooter Finals was a huge success over the weekend, with the players having a great time enjoying the competition, the camaraderie, and meeting new players from around the world.  The new BullShooter 35 Regional Tour starts in September and continues until next May for the BullShooter 35 Finals that will again be played at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.
Monsters of The Midway
Men’s Pro / AA Team
1st—”Last Minute” – Jeremiah Millar, Berry Van Peer, Rusty Jake Rodriguez & Ricardo Fernandez
2nd–”Croatia” – Danny Baggish, Danny Delfino, Boris Krcmar & Alex Reyes
3rd—”Fun & Gun” – Mike, Stella, Dersch & Luke
4th—”The Replacements” – Bob Hudzik, Eric Gregory, Brad Oxendine & Dustin Holt
Men’s B Team
1st—”Booyah Darts” – Jeremy Byrne, Luke Kollias, Domingo Pedrosa Aguilar & Kevin Yasenchak
2nd–”DPC” – Mike, Tom, Brian & John
3rd–”Byerley” – Jason Hilliard, Dustin Byerley, Chase Byerley & Matt Martineau
4th–”JJBD” – Jason Klenz, Dave Boaz, Jesse Porter & Brad Stich
Women’s A / AA Team
1st—”3 Sconies & A Mud Duck” – Abby Spott, Nicole LeDell, Wendy Espinoza & Amanda Anderson
2nd—”KT Squared” – Krissy Grimal, Tricia Romero, Kris Babicky & Trish Grzesik
3rd-”LSJ Squared” – Liz Tynan, Jennifer Carpenter, Stacey Pace & Julie Weger
4th—”Victorious Secrets” – Kelly Gherardini, Dawn Cupp, Katherine Middleton & Val Bragg
Women’s B Team
1st–”Black Burro Ladies” – Esther Carrillo, Veronica Valera, Yolanda Barba & Almudena Fajardo
2nd–”B*tches Be Triplin’” – Stephanie Soth, Marquise Womble, April Patterson & Kasia Przybyl
3rd–”Just The Tip” – Caeleigh Morton, Amanda Murphy, Kristy Mooney & Tasha Stewart
4th–”Mixed Match” – Kalika Criss, Wendy Guerette, Daniela Tröger & Jaime Payne
Top Gun Challenge
Top Gun Pro / Pro AA Singles
1st–Boris Krcmar, Zagreb, Croatia
2nd–Jeremiah Millar, Oxford, MI
3rd/4th–Ben Dersch, Janesville, WI
3rd/4th–Leonard Gates, San Antonio, TX
5th/6th–Brandon Asato, Jacksonville, FL
5th/6th–Lee Gilreath, Rockmart, GA
7th/8th–Danny Delfino, Duluth, GA
7th/8th–Dave Cameron, Canada
Top Gun Men’s Singles
1st–Scott Rick, Hudson, WI
2nd–John Fitzgerald, Fredericksburg, VA
3rd/4th–John Olson, Rhinelander, WI
3rd/4th–Luke Statezny, Antigo, WI
5th/6th–Michael Carter, Tolleson, AZ
5th/6th–Cory Kohrs, Waterloo, IA
7th/8th–Devin Hunter, Sioux Falls, SD
7th/8th–Kevin Ustby, Milwaukee, WI
Top Gun Women’s A / AA Singles
1st–Krissy Grimal, Wimauma, FL
2nd–Paula Murphy, Orange Park, FL
3rd/4th–Stacey Pace, Louisville, CO
3rd/4th–Lisa Yee, Phoenix, AZ
5th/6th–Samantha Green, Sycamore, IL
5th/6th–Julie Weger, Bloomington, IL
7th/8th–Trish Grzesik, Stratford, Canada
7th/8th–Liz Tynan, Chicago, IL
Top Gun Women’s B Singles, Almudena Fajardo

Top Gun Women’s B Singles

1st–Almudena Fajardo, Spain
2nd–Stacy McDaniel, Walls, MI
3rd/4th–Heidi Schraeder, Chicago, IL
3rd/4th–Kimberly Kolthoff, Viborg, SD
5th/6th–April Patterson, Phlox, WI
5th/6th–Lisa Miller, McAdoo, PA
7th/8th–Esther Carrillo, Spain
7th/8th–Caeleigh Morton, Manhattan, KS
op Gun A:AA Triples, Sidney Vaughn, Krissy Grimal & Jeremiah Millar

Top Gun A / AA Triples

1st–Krissy Grimal, Wimauma, FL, Jeremiah Millar, Oxford, MI & Sidney Vaughn, Canonsburg, PA
2nd–Paula Murphy, Orange Park, FL, Brandon Asato, Jacksonville, FL & Danny Baggish, Lakeland, FL
3rd/4th–Elliott Milk, Lake Andes, SD, Ray Morgan, Sioux Falls, SD & Amanda Anderson, Houlton, WI
3rd/4th–Jason VanZant, Kettering, OH, Michelle Jost, Evansville, IN & Troy Engelman, Kettering, OH
5th/6th–Nicole LeDell, Duluth, MN, Kenneth Ripp, St. Cloud, MN & Richard Henze III., Little Falls, MN
5th/6th–Elisha Rasor, Oshkosh, WI, Kevin Luke, Sunnyside, WA & Adam Klinefelter, Indianapolis, IN
7th/8th–Bryan Langley, Knoxille, TN, Joe Chaney, Harrison, TN & Marlise Kiel, Parma, OH
7th/8th–Jennifer Carpenter, Rockford, IL, Gregg Fountaine, Oregon, OH & Randall Van Deursen, Lindenhurst, IL
Top Gun Mixed Triples
1st–Heidi Schraeder, Chicago, IL, Marc Marchesani, Woodland Park, NJ & Connor Martin, Stanhope, NJ
2nd–Michael Carter, Tolleson, AZ, Lee Hicken, Buckeye, AZ & Megan Boguslawski, La Porte, IN
3rd/4th–Clinton Eastman, Sioux Falls, SD, Devin Hunter, Sioux Falls, SD & Mandy Kolthoff, Viborg, SD
3rd/4th–Justin Thurley, Denmark, Lotte Thurley, Denmark & Kennet Andersen, Denmark
5th/6th–Krisin Schlosser, Oswego, NY, Scott Dubois, Oswego, NY & Matthew Holt, Herkimer, NY
5th/6th–Kenneth Thompson, Old Hickory, TN, Stacy McDaniel, Walls, MI & Kevin Nelson, Walls, MS
7th/8th–Joshua Bouffard, Rochester, NH, Marquise Womble, Menasha, WI & Ronald Dumont, Stewartstown, NH
7th/8th–Megan Mau, Indianapolis, IN, Jimmy Mays, Whiteland, IN & Ron Thompson, Indianapolis, IN
Hyatt Double Down Cricket
1st–Timothy Eisner, Whitewater, WI
2nd–Ryan Dreher, Schuylkill, Haven, PA
3rd–Berry Van Peer, Netherlands
4th–Jacob Brooks, Casper, WY
5th/6th–Anthony Searvogel, Madison, WI
5th/6th–Carl Ward, New London, WI
The Dart Zone, Flip-It Cricket Doubles
1st–John Kimpel, Janesville, WI & Edward Moser, Janesville, WI
2nd–Joseph Okupniak, Milwaukee, WI & Garrett Rakowski, Greenfield, WI
3rd–Nicolas West, East Alton, IL & Tyler Ulrici, Witt, IL
4th–Wayne Manders, Durango, IA & Steven Shaffer, Dubuque, IA
5th/6th–Jason Scofield, Oshkosh, WI & partner
5th/6th–Colton Verci, Peoria, IL & partner
Pro AA 501 Doubles
1st–Boris Krcmar, Zagreb, Croatia & Alex Reyes, Floresville, TX
2nd–Danny Baggish, Lakeland, FL & Danny Defino, Duluth, GA
3rd–Berry Van Peer, Netherlands & Rusty Jake Rodriguez, Austria
4th–Randall Van Deursen, Lindenhurst, IL & Ben Dersch, Janesville, WI
5th/6th–Jeremiah Millar, Oxford, MI & Randy Fern, La Porte, IN
5th/6th–Dustin Holt, Bloomington, IL & Adam Stella, Burton, Canada
Pro A 501 Doubles
1st–Jeremy Connell, Liverpool, NY & Joshua Connell, N. Syracuse, NY
2nd–Trever Fedewa, Lake Isabella, MI & Eric Hill, Pinconning, MI
3rd–Lee Gilreath, Rockmart, GA & Johnny Lackey, Houston, TX
4th–Kurtis Witherby, Machesney Park, IL & Jerod Henry, Pearl City, IL
5th/6th–Timothy Eisner, Whitewater, WI & Gary Bluhm, Burlington, WI
5th/6th–Mark Raymer, Plainfield, IN & Guy Perry, Plainfield, IN
7th/8th–Steve Hilger, Menomonee Falls, WI & Dan Burk, Battle Creek, WI
7th/8th–Ryan Larscheidt, West Allis, WI & Michael Piloczewski, Milwaukee, WI
Men’s Doubles, Marc Marchesani & Connor Martin

Men’s 501 Doubles

1st–Connor Martin, Stanhope, NJ & Marc Marchesani, Woodland Park, NJ
2nd–Luke Kollias, Parma, OH & Kevin Yasenchak, Cleveland, OH
3rd–Joseph Walker, Irvington, AL & Donovan Aromy, Metairie, LA
4th–Joshua Bouffard, Rochester, NH & Ronald Dumont, Stewartstown, NH
5th/6th–Michael Carter, AZ & Lee Hicken, Buckeye, AZ
5th/6th–Tim Force, Belleville, IL & Gregory Finley, Fairview Heights, IL
7th/8th–Paul Huser, Oshkosh, WI & Allen Borst, Oshkosh, WI
7th/8th–Terry Konchalski, Des Moines, IA & Ryan Davis, Des Moines, IA
9th/10th–Brian Gannon, Ypsilanti, MI & Dean Gherardini Jr., Taylor, MI
9th/10th–Brad Krukowski, Mosinee, WI & Jeremy Blasel, Stetsonville, WI
11th/12th–Tyler Ulrici, Witt, IL & Nicolas West, East Alton, IL
11th/12th–Thomas Campbell, Junction City, KS & Dustin Toner, Salina, KS
13/14th–Josh Crescini, New London, WI & Michael Lapine, Fond Du Lac, WI
13th/14th–Joshua Bowman, Lafayette, IN & Mark Crystal, Lafayette, IN
15th/16th–Jayson Criss, Plattsburgh, NY & Zachary Clodgo, Cadyville, NY
15th/16th–Jordan Meyer, O Fallon, MO & Terry Dalton, St. Louis, MO
Women’s AA 501 Doubles
1st–Debra Ivey, LaVernia, TX & Marlise Kiel, Parma, OH
2nd–Julie Weger, Bloomington, IL & Stacey Pace, Louisville, CO
3rd–Marlene Gannon, Oak Lawn, IL & Geri Stein, Midlothian, IL
4th–Lisa Yee, Phoenix, AZ & Wendy Espinoza, Owatonna, MN
5th/6th–Kristina Babicky, Suring, WI & Krissy Grimal, Wimauma, FL
5th/6th–Trish Grzesik, Stratford, Canada & Trisha Pluff-Romero, Maplewood, MN
Women A Doubles, Amanda Anderson & Abby Spott

Women’s A 501 Doubles

1st–Amanda Anderson, Houlton, WI & Abby Spott, New Richmond, WI
2nd–Sharon Sonntag, Franklin, WI & Janine Johnson, Chilton, WI
3rd–Samantha Hastings, Dubuque, IA & Michelle Hastings, Dubuque, IA
4th–Samantha Green, Sycamore, IL & Jennifer Pickett, Chicago, IL
5th/6th–Aubyn VanHook, Evansville, IN & Michelle Jost, Evansville, IN
5th/6th–Amberly Gilreath, Rockmart, GA & Erika Tillman, Moss Point, MS
7th/8th–Elisha Rasor, Oshkosh, WI & Carolanne Solis, Surfside Beach, SC
7th/8th–Alicia Alexander, Dalton City, IL & Elissa Lowe, Mt. Zion, IL
Women’s B 301 Doubles
1st–Almudena Fajardo, Spain & Esther Carrillo, Spain
2nd–Daniela Tröger, Germany & Kalika Criss, Plattsburgh, NY
3rd–Caeleigh Morton, Manhattan, KS & Heidi Schraeder, Chicago, IL
4th–Tammy Hanssen, Mount Sterling, IL & Mary McGrath, Springfield, IL
5th/6th–April Patterson, Phlox, WI & Sofia Pulido, New London, WI
5th/6th–Sara Crescini, New London, WI & Michelle Holz, Oshkosh, WI
7th/8th–Tammy Morga, Rockford, IL & Anita Sutton, Rockford, IL
7th/8th–Tracy Smolinski, Crown Point, IN & Evelynn Carroll, Round Lake, IL
9th/10th–Alissa Hartman, Kewaskum, WI & Carrie Champagne, Crivitz, WI
9th/10th–Susan Smith, Phoenix, AZ & Amy Sehi, La Porte, IN
11th/12th–Kirsten Neumann, Maplewood, MN & Juanita Sears, Kasson, MN
11th/12th–Kristin Comlan, Watertown, WI & Kayla Olson, Watertown, WI
Men’s 501 Doubles 2nd Chance
1st–Yogi Boo Boo
2nd–Booyah Sperino
3rd–High Voltage Repos
4th–Boaz Tarter
Pro / Pro AA Cricket Luck Doubles
1st–Ben Dersch, Janesville, WI & Rusty Jake Rodriguez, Austria
2nd–Bryan Langley, Knoxville, TN & Boris Krcmar, Zagreb, Croatia
3rd–Alex Reyes, Floresville, TX & Kurtis Witherby, Machesney Park, IL
4th–Joe Chaney Harrison, TN & Michael Piloczewski, Milwaukee, WI
5th/6th–Matthew Hartmann, Kewaskum, WI & David Cameron, Halifax, Canada
Mixed Cricket Doubles
1st–Paula Murphy, Orange Park, FL & Connor Martin, Stanhope, NJ
2nd–Charles Meininger, Denver, CO & Stacey Pace, Louisville, CO
3rd–Amanda Anderson, Houlton, WI & Scott Rick, Hudson, WI
4th–Almudena Fajardo, Spain & Javier Valdivieso, Spain
5th/6th–Jason Roker, Orillia, Canada & Trish Grzesik, Stratford, Canada
5th/6th–Devin Hunter, Sioux Falls, SD & Tyler Meares, Sarasota, FL
7th/8th–Brian Gannon, Ypsilanti, MI & Katherine Middleton, Alma, MI
7th/8th–Julie Weger, Bloomington, IL & Cody Willis, Clinton, IL
9th/10th–Joseph Walker, Irvington, AL & Erika Tillman, Moss Point, MS
9th/10th–Christina Young, Waterloo, NY Isaac Richardson, Oswego, NY
11th/12th–Steven Drew, Fond Du Lac, WI & Trisha Pluff-Romero, Maplewood, MN
11th/12th–Liz Tynan, Chicago, IL & Jeff Johnson, Milwaukee, WI
13th/14th–Kelly Gherardini, Taylor, MI & Dean Gherardini Jr., Taylor, MI
13th/14th–Brad Krukowski, Mosinee, WI & Janine Johnson, Chilton, WI
15th/16th–Tammy Mallary, Port Byron, IL & Jacob Adlfinger, Rock Island, IL
15th/16th–Jennifer Carpenter, Rockford, IL & Aaron Finn, Janesville, WI
17th/18th–Daniel Brown, Wheeling, WV & Mandy Kolthoff, Viborg, SD
17th/18th–Kenneth Boyke, Pingree Grove, IL & Justine Boyke, Pingree Grove, IL
19th/20th–Lee Hicken, Buckeye, AZ & Lisa Yee, Phoenix, AZ
19th/20th–Lisa Martinez, Toledo, OH & Joseph Mottmiller, Perrysburgh, OH
21st/22nd–Crystal Wagnor, Union Mills, IN & Michael Tripp, Rolling Meadows, IL
21st/22nd–Kevin Tarter, Forrest, IL & Kathleen McLeod, Gardner, IL
23rd/24th–Abby Spott, New Richmond, WI & Daniel Thompson, Hudson, WI
23rd/24th–Gabriela Göebel, Germany, Sven Schneider, Germany
25th/26th–Debra Ivey, LaVernia, TX & Jacob Brooks, Casper, WY
25th/26th–Tina Russo, Jefferson Hills, PA & Jason Kroh, Pine Grove, PA
27th/28th–John Fitzgerald, Fredericksburg, VA & Gemma Kotara, Chantilly, VA
27th/28th–William Widmann, Hanover Park, IL & Mary Brand, McHenry, IL
29th/30th–Michael Carter, Tolleson, AZ & Abby Branham, South Roxana, IL
29th/30th–Esther Carrillo, Spain & David Caro, Spain
31st/32nd–Kristin Schlosser, Oswego, NY & Scott Dubois, Oswego, NY
31st/32nd–Nathan Holowatyj, Madison Heights, MI & Tania Asher, Detroit, MI
Luck Of The Draw Toilet Bowl Shootout
1st–Jason Rodriguez, Casper, WY & Gary Brooks, Casper WY
2nd–Jason Kroh, Pine Grove, PA & Chris Martin “Turbo”, Wichita, KS
Super 13” Toilet Bowl Singles
1st–Jesse Johnsen, Waupun, WI
2nd–Boris Krcmar, Zagreb, Croatia
3rd–Jason VanZant, Kettering, OH
4th–Kevin Luke, Sunnyside, WA

International Team Events
1st–Team Canada
2nd–Team U.S.A
Team Denmark
Team Germany
Team Spain

Women’s A & AA Combo Luck
1st–Marlene Gannon, Oak Lawn, IL & Krissy Grimal, Wimauma, FL
2nd–Stacey Pace, Louisville, CO & Debra Ivey, LaVernia, TX
3rd–Geri Stein, Midlothian, IL & Samantha Hastings, Dubuque, IA
4th–Paula Murphy, Orange Park, FL & Lyndsay Halbert, Lakeland, FL
5th/6th–Tyler Meares, Sarasota, FL & Madison Sims, Norton, OH
5th/6th–Lisa Yee, Phoenix, AZ & Stacy McDaniel, Walls, MI
7th/8th–Kimberly Panti, Jacksonville, FL & Rhonda Kollias, Parma, OH
7th/8th–Kelly Gherardini, Taylor, MI & Jennifer Pickett, Chicago, IL
Women’s B Combo Luck
1st–Hayley Jost, Evansville, IN & Somsanith Kanechanath, Holland
2nd–Kalika Criss, Plattsburgh, NY & Kelly Kish, Sycamore, IL
3rd–Gemma Kotara, Chantilly, VA & Erin George, Kenosha, WI
4th–Kimberly Kolthoff, Viborg, SD & Marquise Womble, Menasha, WI
5th/6th–April Patterson, Phlox, WI & Mandy Kolthoff, Viborg, SD
5th/6th–Tammy Hanssen, Mount Sterling, IL & Candice Allen, Churubusco, IN
7th/8th–Jordan Glick, South Bend, IN & Laura Miller, Forsyth, IL
7th/8th–Belinda Luke, Tomball, TX & Angela Carl, Hegans, PA
Men’s 501 Singles
1st–Devin Hunter, Sioux Falls, SD
2nd–Jeff Johnson, Milwaukee, WI
3rd–Joseph Mottmiller, Perrysburgh, OH
4th–Kevin Yasenchak, Cleveland, OH
5th/6th–Gary Brooks, Casper, WY
5th/6th–Michael Carter, Tolleson, AZ
7th/8th–Leo Sanchez, Oak Brook, IL
7th/8th–Joseph Burt, Oxnard, CA
9th/10th–Allen Borst, Oshkosh, WI
9th/10th–Connor Martin, Stanhope, NJ
11th/12th–William Kunkeli, Olmsted Falls, OH
11th/12th–Jayson Criss, Plattsburgh, NY
13th/14th–Ryan Schmonsees, Chattanooga, TN
13th/14th–Brad Krukowski, Mosinee, WI
15th/16th–Cody Willis, Clinton, IL
15th/16th–Jim Hough, Osceola, IN
17th/18th–Adam Turnure, Rockford, IL
17th/18th–Lee Hicken, Buckeye, AZ
19th/20th–Luke Kollias, Parma, OH
19th/20th–Jesse Porter, Rockford, IL
21st/22nd–Joseph Okupniak, Milwaukee, WI
21st/22nd–Michael McKimmy, Morgantown, IN
23rd/24th–David Boaz, Ottawa, IL
23rd/24th–Zachary Clodgo, Cadyville, NY
25th/26th–Tyler Ulrici, Witt, IL
25th/26th–Edward Jones, Milwaukee, WI
27th/28th–Gary Duibley, Beaver Creek, OH
27th/28th–Scott Rick, Hudson, WI
29th/30th–James Parkman, Evansville, IN
29th/30th–John Olson, Rhinelander, WI
31st/32nd–Jonathan Pellegrino, Radcliff, KY
31st/32nd–Justin Thurley, Denmark
Pro AA & Pro A Mixed Cricket Doubles
1st–Paula Murphy, Orange Park, FL & Danny Baggish, Lakeland, FL
2nd–Krissy Grimal, Wimauma, FL & Dustin Holt, Bloomington, IL
3rd–Julie Weger, Bloomington, IL & Ben Dersch, Janesville, WI
4th–Nicole LeDell, Duluth, MN & Ryan Gervais, Superior, WI
5th/6th–Carolanne Solis, Surfside Beach, SC & Danny Delfino, Duluth, GA
5th/6th–Kyle Liddeke, Sioux Falls, SD & Kimberly Kolthoff, Viborg, SD
7th/8th–Kayla Murray, Lakeland, FL & Jayson Barlow, Stratford, Canada
7th/8th–Kaylee Kuchinski, Follansbee, WV & Isen Veljic, North Aurora, IL
9th/10th–Liz Tynan, Chicago, IL & Mike Maloney, Joliet, IL
9th/10th–Steve Hilger, Menomonee Falls, WI & Elisha Rasor, Oshkosh, WI
11th/12th–Brandon Kessler, Carey, OH & Kelly Gherardini, Taylor, WI
11th/12th–Jerod Henry, Pearl City, IL & Anita Sutton, Rockford, IL
Mixed Triples 701
1st–Luke Statezny, Antigo, WI, John Olson, Rhinelander, WI & Carrie Champagne, Crivitz, WI
2nd–Heidi Schraeder, Chicago, IL, Marc Marchesani, Woodland Park, NJ & Connor Martin, Stanhope, NJ
3rd–Samantha Hastings, Dubuque, IA, Randy Murphy, Iowa City, IA & Tyler Burrows, Des Moines, IA
4th–Lee Hicken, Buckeye, AZ, Michael Carter, Tolleson, AZ & Susan Smith, Phoenix, AZ
5th/6th–Monique Johnson, Griffith, IN, Jason Rodriguez, Casper, WY & Jacob Brooks, Casper, WY
5th/6th–Jim Hough, Osceola, IN & Kristi Kovach, Mishawaka, IN & Paul Cichos, Mishawaka, IN
7th/8th–Justin Thurley, Denmark, Lotte Thurley, Denmark & Kennet Andersen, Denmark
7th/8th–Chase Byerley, Rockford, IL, Judy Milsaps, Rockford, IL & Dustin Byerley, Rockton, IL
9th/10th–Jennifer Carpenter, Rockford, IL, Jason Klenz, Loves Park, IL & Bradley Stich, Stockon, IL
9th/10th–Michael McKimmy, Morgantown, IN, Allyson McQueen, Indianapolis, IN & Ronald Thompson, Indianapolis, IN
11th/12th–Mandy Kolthoff, Viborg, SD, Devin Hunter, Sioux Falls, SD & Clint Eastman, Sioux Falls, SD
11th/12th–Juanita Sears, Kasson, MN, Terry Sears, Kasson, MN & Christopher Weatherly, Kasson, MN
13th/14th–Justine Boyke, Pingree Grove, IL, Kenneth Boyke, Pingree Grove, IL & William Widmann, Hanover Park, IL
13th/14th–Tammy Hanssen, Mount Sterling, IL, Dillan Pakenham, Bloomington, IL & Cody Willis, Clinton, IL
15th/16th–Daniela Tröger, Germany, Sven Schneider, Germany & Uwe Schaumburg, Germany
15th/16th–Paul Huser, Oshkosh, WI, Sara Crescini, New London, WI & Allen Borst, Oshkosh, WI
Pro AA Singles, Rusty Jake Rodriguez

Pro AA 501 Singles

1st–Rusty Jake Rodriguez, Austria
2nd–Kevin Luke, Sunnyside, WA
3rd–Jeremiah Millar, Oxford, MI
4th–Boris Krcmar, Zagreb, Croatia
5th/6th–Berry Van Peer, Netherlands
5th/6th–Karl Jones, Speedway, IN
Pro 501 Singles
1st–Dan Burk, Battle Creek, MI
2nd–Robert Bernard, Loves Park, IL
3rd–Jeremy Connell, Liverpool, NY
4th–Jake Schreiber, St. Paul, MN
5th/6th–Ryan Dreher, Schuylkill Haven, PA
5th/6th–Kenneth Ripp, St. Cloud, MN
7th/8th–Brandon Asato, Jacksonville, FL
7th/8th–Michael Vinson, Sturgis, KY
Women’s AA Cricket Doubles, Stacey Pace & Julie Weber
Women’s AA Cricket Doubles
1st–Julie Weger, Bloomington, IL & Stacey Pace, Louisville, CO
2nd–Liz Tynan, Chicago, IL & Paula Murphy, Orange Park, FL
3rd–Debra Ivery, LaVernia, TX & Marlise Kiel, Parma, OH
4th–Wendy Espinoza, Owatonna, MN & Lisa Yee, Phoenix, AZ
5th/6th–Trish Grzesik, Stratford, Canada & Trisha Pluff-Romero, Maplewood, MN
5th/6th–Krissy Grimal, Wimauma, FL & Kristina Babicky, Suring, WI


Women’s A Cricket Doubles
1st–Carolanne Solis, Surfside Beach, SC & Elisha Rasor, Oshkosh, WI
2nd–Susan Johnson, Hampshire, IL & Justine Boyke, Pingree Grove, IL
3rd–Michelle Hastings, Dubuque, IA & Samantha Hastings, Dubuque, IA
4th–Cynthia Johnson, Racine, WI & Trina Reed, Racine, WI
5th/6th–Carla Vocaty, Plainfield, IL & Darcy Capenter, Streator, IL
5th/6th–April Moore, Liverpool, NY & Christina Young, Waterloo, NY
7th/8th–Amanda Anderson, Houlton, WI & Abby Spott, New Richmond, WI
7th/8th–Aubyn VanaHook, Evansville, IN & Michelle Jost, Evansville, IN
Women’s B Cricket Doubles
1st–Esther Carrillo, Spain & Almudena Fajardo, Spain
2nd–Tammy Morga, Rockford, IL & Anita Sutton, Rockford, IL
3rd–April Patterson, Phlox, WI & Sofia Pulido, New London, WI
4th–Kalika Criss, Plattsburgh, NY & Daniela Tröger, Deusch, IL
5th/6th–Lisa Miller, McAdoo, PA & Angela Carl, Hegans, PA
5th/6th–Kimberly Kolthoff, Viborg, SD & Mandy Kolthoff, Viborg, SD
7th/8th–Sara Crescini, New London, WI & Michelle Kolz, Oshkosh, WI
7th/8th–Caeleigh Morton, Manhattan, KS & Heidi Schraeder, Chicago, IL
9th/10th–Donna Leal, Gary, IN & Megan Boguslawski, La Porte, IN
9th/10th–Belinda Like, Tomball, TX & Megan Cervantes, Navasota, TX
11th/12th–Kelly Kish, Sycamore, IL & Katie Damore, River Grove, IL
11th/12th–Paula Martinez, South Bend, IN & Teresa Kinter, Mishawaka, IN
Pro AA Cricket Doubles
1st–Rusty Jake Rodriguez, Austria & Berry Van Peer, Netherlands
2nd–Danny Baggish, Lakeland, FL & Danny Delfino, Duluth, GA
3rd–Joe Chaney, Harrison, TN & Elliott Milk, Lake Andes, SD
4th–Brad Oxendine, Herrin, IL & Eric Gregory, Festus, MO
5th/6th–Jason VanZant, Kettering, OH & Dayton Strawbridge, Kettering, OH
5th/6th–Larry Butler, Fairborn, OH & Kyle Liddeke, Sioux Falls, SD
Pro Cricket Doubles
1st–Dan Burk, Battle Creek, MI & Steve Hilger, Menomonee Falls, WI
2nd–Jesse Johnsen, Waupun, WI & Cody Brunello, Kenosha, WI
3rd–Ryan Larscheidt, West Allist, WI & Michael Piloczewsi, Milwaukee, WI
4th–Jerod Henry, Pearl City, IL & Kurtis Witherby, Machesney Park, IL
5th/6th–Broc Lawrence, Hanover, PA & Sidney Vaughn, Cannonsburg, PA
5th/6th–Bryan Langley, Knoxville, TN & Clarence Pope, Aliquippa, PA
7th/8th–Gary Bluhm, Burlington, WI & Timothy Eisner, Whitewater, WI
7th/8th–Christopher Martin, Witchita, KS & Derek Priest, Fate, TX
Men’s Cricket Doubles
1st–John Olson, Rhinelander, WI & Luke Statezny, Antigo, WI
2nd–Luke Kollias, Parma, OH & Kevin Yasenchak, Cleveland, OH
3rd–Brad Krukowski, Mosinee, WI & Jeremy Blasel, Stetesonville, WI
4th–Joseph Walker, Irvington, AL & Donovan Aromy, Metairie, LA
5th/6th–Jason Seger, Columbus, OH & Gregory Hughes, Lakeview, OH
5th/6th–Christopher Noennig, West Bend, WI & Steven Drew, Fond Du Lac, WI
7th/8th–Ronald Dumont, Stewartstown, NH & Joshua Bouffard, Rochester, NH
7th/8th–Dustin Byerley, Rockton, IL & Chase Byerley, Rockford, IL
9th/10th–David Boaz, Ottawa, IL & Kevin Tarter, Forrest, IL
9th/10th–William Bunkeli, Olmsted Falls, OH & Garry Wyckoff, Elyria, OH
11th/12th–Justin Thurley, Denmark & Kennet Anderson, Denmark
11th/12th–Daniel Crowel, New Berlin, WI & Byron Johnson, Racine, WI
13th/14th–Michael Lapine, Fond Du Lac, WI & Josh Crescini, New London, WI
13th/14th–William Widmann, Hanover Park, IL & Kenneth Boyke, Pingree Grove, IL
15th/16th–Brandon Sathre, Machesney Park, IL & Adam Turnure, Rockford, IL

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