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The Best New Orleans Restaurants 
You Don’t Want to Miss
 at Amusement Expo 
International 2020 

Antoine’s has been operated by the same family, without interruption for 179 years. Antoine’s cuisine is original New Orleans with French and Creole backgrounds. One of the richest wine cellars in America is found here.

A 200-year old landmark that’s as casual and unique as its French Quarter surroundings. Napoleon House serves classic New Orleans cuisine, including the best muffulettas in town, and Pimm’s cups. it’s a place that suspends you in time, where you can hear Beethoven’s Eroiqua, which he composed for Napoleon, and the music of other classical masters, while basking in an ambiance that could only be New Orleans.

Since 1862, the Original French Market coffee stand. Serving cafe au lait and Beignets 24 hours daily. On Decatur Street, other shops open 8am. Taste the original Beignet, Louisiana’s state donut, coffee with chicory and half hot milk…cafe au lait.

Founded in 1905 by Jean Galatoire, this infamous address distinguished itself on Bourbon St. from its humble beginning. From the small village of Pardies, France, Jean Galatoire brought recipes and traditions inspired by the familial dining style of his homeland to create the menu and ambiance of the internationally-renowned restaurant. In its fifth generation, it is the Galatoire family and descendants who have carried the tradition of New Orleans’ fine dining restaurants and influenced its evolution.
The restaurant’s culinary customs and reservation statutes have been preserved with little change throughout the decades.

For seven decades, Dooky Chase was led by the world-famous, Chef Leah Chase. Her award-winning Creole cuisine, love for community, fight for equality, and unmatched sense of hospitality and love can still be felt with around each table and with each meal shared at Dooky Chase. This is the restaurant of James Beard Award Winner, Leah Chase, who won 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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