How to Evaluate Content for Your VR Attraction

For the last couple of months, I have been writing about how to select the perfect VR attraction for your location-based entertainment operation. I’ve been encouraging operators to take a 360-degree approach, considering things like mindset, staff capability, physical attributes of your location, and the context of the consumer.

At the center of all of these things is the content. One of the great things about VR, when compared to most other attractions, is that the content is flexible. Most VR products today are platforms that can switch content easily and frequently to meet a variety of guest desires.

The variety of content available in VR is already quite broad, but it will soon become staggeringly so. With tools like Unity, creating VR experiences is becoming something almost anyone with basic programming skills can do. This has become a problem for the location-based entertainment market. There are so many products flooding the market, how can an operator know what’s good and what isn’t?



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