15 Top Insights from Brent Bushnell and Two Bit Circus

As you probably know, I have a webinar series called Deep Dives, where I interview leading voices in the location-based VR industry. Last week, I had the sincere pleasure of interviewing Brent Bushnell, co-founder and CEO of Two Bit Circus. Brent is the son of arcade legend Nolan Bushnell, who founded both Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s among other entrepreneurial ventures. Nolan has a slew of kids, and most of them were involved in the amusement industry in one way or another, at one time in their lives.

I reconnected with Brent at an entrepreneur meeting at UCLA about 6-years ago. He was a keynote speaker and was pre-announcing his Kickstarter, where they raised over $100K reselling tickets for the first STEAM Carnival. They held two of these “pop-up” events in SF and LA over the next couple of years. The immense effort combined with the incredible response, more than 30,000 people each weekend, convinced them to open a permanent location.

Two-Bit Circus opened last summer, billed as the world’s first “Micro-Amusement Park.” It’s got a lot of VR, some old school carnival games with new technology twists, a robot bartender, a couple of “Story Rooms” (escape rooms heavy on storytelling), and a 100-seat interactive theater with touchscreens inspired by Brent and Nolan’s uWink restaurant concept.

This was probably my favorite webinar so far, not just because Brent is one of my favorite people, but because their business is so damn fascinating. They’re creating what could be the next generation of entertainment centers.

There were a couple of takeaways I wanted to call out and I invite you to watch the replay at your leisure here.

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