ICE to offer Sting rides

ice, innovative concepts in entertainment- logoAs reported on the Vending Times website   Innovative Concepts in Entertainment has teamed with Mark Sprenger and Sting International to add Sting rides, attractions and games to its portfolio.

ICE will be handling Sting rides such as The KC Cobra, South Beach KC Cobra, Alien Boogey Patrol and Big Bug Blaster.

“Adding Sting products to the ICE line up will help us diversify and continue to bring our distributors and operator customers the very best and highest quality products,” Joe Coppola, president of ICE, said in the press release. “I also want to emphasize that ICE will be handling the spare parts and technical support of all Sting rides and games currently in the field as well as the new product sold by ICE.”

With the KC Cobra, which started the kiddie ride line, players get the feel of being in the driver seat as they cruise through town racing to collect as many coins as possible. Jump over obstacles and retrieve the gas cans for an extra boost. The more coins you collect the higher your reward. This ride also features a spinning motion base, lighted dash panel, real chrome accents and working head and taillights. Options include DBV or ticket redemption.


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