JET Games and UK’s Jolly Roger Partner in Exclusive U.S. Distribution Agreement

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida October 26, 2020 – Jennison Entertainment Technologies (JET) has been appointed as the exclusive U.S. distributor for all Jolly Roger rides. The agreement between both companies was reached prior to the start of the worldwide pandemic and formalized June 1st. Although not publicly released until now, preparations have been under way for several months. The delayed announcement allows for immediate domestic support of all Jolly Roger products in the United States. JET will stock all rides and parts at its newly expanded headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida.

As part of the agreement, Paul Teneyuca who was previously the Sr. Director of Game Operations for CEC Entertainment Inc., will be working with the company to help develop the business domestically. Paul brings a wealth of expertise with his insight and familiarity within the operation aspect of the industry. Teneyuca said “This is an exciting partnership as both companies are focused on quality products and customer support that is best-in-the industry. I have worked with all of the principal partners for many years and believe that this will be a first-class operation.”

Commenting about the cooperation – Jeff Peveler, JET’s Director of Domestic Business Development
stated, “A partnership between JET and Jolly Roger makes perfect sense. We are both known for quality
product and timely, professional customer care. Having Jolly Roger’s product & parts on hand with JET will
cut down lead time and provide a familiar presence for sales, parts & service”.

This is a multi-faceted agreement. In addition to the distribution of all Jolly Roger products, JET has also
designed several new rides that will be manufactured by Jolly Roger in the United Kingdom. These rides
will replace JET’s and FFC’s entire kiddie ride product line. The first of these rides will be sold under the
Family Fun Companies brand and will be available at the end of 2020. Distributors around the world can
look forward to details of this and additional licensed rides shortly.

Dave Watson, General Manager of Jolly Roger is enthusiastic at the potential with the partnership stating
that “This is both a challenging and exciting time in the development of new rides in the backdrop of the
global environment, but these new rides are designed with cleanliness, simplicity, and quality all in
mind”. Further commenting about the future relationship and manufacturing agreement; JET COO Kern
Jennison said “Jolly Roger is the world’s premier kiddie ride manufacturer – leading in quality, design and
competitive pricing. As we look at the post-COVID market, our customers will be looking for longevity of
products and price. With the JET/Jolly Roger partnership, there is no doubt that is exactly what they will

This is a sentiment shared by John Brennan, JET’s Director of International Business Development. He
added – “Jolly Roger has a sterling reputation when it comes to the design, manufacturing, and reliability of
all their rides. With new JET concepts, allied to Jolly Roger proven reliability and durability – this ensures
operator revenues on a worldwide basis.”

Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides) Limited is the world’s leading manufacturer of licensed and premium
coin operated children’s rides. Since 1988, Jolly Roger has built a global leadership position for quality
and reputation by incorporating innovative design, exceptional manufacturing techniques, and
unparalleled reliability. JET Games and Family Fun Companies (FFC) have spent the last 20 plus years
designing some of the most innovative amusement games in the industry while creating a strong
distributor network across the globe. All games, parts, and service are immediately available. For
assistance with any JET, FFC, or JOLLY ROGER game, call 1-855-JET-GAME. For sales information,
contact John Brennan, Jeff Peveler, or your local distributor. Visit our website @

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