Andamiro Unveils Ticket Man: The Amazing Arcade Game of Steel Tickets Ships in Late October

GARDENA, CA—September 17, 2019— Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Ticket Man. The latest game in Andamiro’s Coin Catcher™ series, Ticket Man employs the manufacturer’s magnetic retrieval mechanism that picks up novelty metal coins. The Ticket Man character and motif were created by Andamiro exclusively for ticket redemption venues. The central object in Andamiro’s new game is the “Krypto Coin.” Krypto Coins are redemption currency with a ticket value […]

The summer’s biggest catch. Lease Prize Aquarium for $25 a week

  Prize Aquarium, an instant-redemption piece that dispenses 4″ capsules (with tickets or merchandise), – Simple one-button operation : credit game, press button, capsule drops. – Player times the release of prize capsule. – 3 target holes are part of revolving prize wheel. – Drop capsule in one of three holes to win. – Missed […]


Introductory leasing program furnishes new equipment for as low as $25 a week

GARDENA, CA, May 8, 2019— Andamiro USA Corp. is pleased to announce the rollout of its first-ever equipment leasing program that puts three of its newest machines on location at affordable monthly payments. The program allows operators to acquire the latest top-earning games, along with a novel redemption kiosk, with low monthly payments and no money down. […]

Andamiro Basketball Pro

Pound and shoot in Booth 101

Making its debut at next week’s Amusement Expo, Andamiro’s latest game is simple: pound and shoot. Basketball Pro incorporates a controller that is the size of an actual basketball. The air-powered, hemispherical interface allows players to control their shots. The game’s two player stations support side-by-side competition or single play. Its two backboards, equipped with […]

Andamiro, pump it up dance game

Andamiro Ships Pump It Up 20th Anniversary Dance Videogame

GARDENA, CA–February 6, 2019– Now available from Andamiro USA is the Pump It Up 20th Anniversary edition which can be purchased as an entirely new dedicated machine or in kit formats to update compatible legacy games. Dubbed PIU-XX, Andamiro’s latest model packs lots of new features, expansive music library, a redesigned interface and stunning graphics to mark the game’s milestone, giving both dance […]

Andamiro introduces next-generation prize merchandiser: Safe Cracker

CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG – Andamiro introduces next-generation prize merchandiser: Safe Cracker

GARDENA, CA–October 29, 2018–Andamiro, a leader in amusement redemption games and prize vending machines, is pleased to announce the introduction of Safe Cracker. Andamiro is also announcing the retirement of Super Star, which has been the company’s flagship prize merchandiser for more than three years. Safe Cracker continues Andamiro’s decade-long commitment to the design and […]

Andamiro’s SpongeBob Soccer Unites World’s Most Popular Cartoon Character And Sport In One Exciting Arcade Game; Players Will Try It Once, And Get Hooked

GARDENA, CA—January 4, 2018— “What happens when you take the world’s most popular sport and add one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters?” observed Andamiro USA Corp. president sales Drew Maniscalco. “You get Andamiro’s new SpongeBob Soccer Stars. This arcade game has the ‘it factor.’ Amusement customers will get hooked after playing it once.” […]