How to Evaluate Non-Gaming Experiential VR Content

Last week I gave you a framework to help evaluate content for a VR attraction. I focused on gaming content, but there’s lots of experiential content out there. This week I want to give you some things to consider when evaluating non-gaming content. One of the raps against non-gaming content is that it’s not replayable. Typically this content does well in […]

Coming Up On the Next Virtual Reality Deep Dive Webinar

Bob speaks with Brandon Naids of Talon Simulations   Bob Cooney Location-based Virtual Reality Expert, Inc 500 CEO, Speaker, Author, Mentor Always staying on the bleeding edge of technology, and able to predict both tech and business trends, Bob Cooney is widely considered the world’s foremost expert on location-based virtual reality. As the author of the […]

How Zoos and Aquariums can use VR to Connect with Millennials

Zoos and Aquariums, are a great example where the consumer and their context needs to be heavily considered. Obviously an attraction shooting zombies at a zoo doesn’t make sense, and would seem out of place. Conversely, attractions that drive empathy towards animals and can spur conservation efforts is in line with what people would expect […]

Coming Up On the Next Virtual Reality Deep Dive Webinar

One of the challenges of location-based VR is creating experiences that people want to play again and again. Join Bob as he dives deep into game design with Joe Mares, long-time game designer and location-based VR game consultant. Learn about best practices in creating replayable games that spark joy and passion among your customers. If […]

Is VR The Key to the Escape Room Profit Puzzle?

Escape Rooms are the newest location-based entertainment segment to embrace virtual reality and one where the value proposition is the strongest. Escape rooms harken back to ancient Greece, where labyrinths were a part of mythology. The athenian hero Theseus had to navigate a labyrinth to find and kill the Minotaur. Hedge mazes were popular with […]