Autobahn Indoor Speedway implements Semnox’s Parafait at Dulles, VA

As a part of Autobahn’s expansion of offerings at this location Autobahn implemented Semnox’s illuminated-LUMIN-enabled RFID tap-to-play debit card systems for the arcade, redemption, and self-service kiosk, along with Parafait cloud-based management and reporting.  Several additional features of Parafait platform including Food & Beverage, online functions, advanced analytics and use of the API framework are […]

Brian Duke joins Semnox

Brian Duke has joined Semnox Solutions as Senior Client Partner. Brian is a longtime amusement industry veteran, with over 35 years’ experience with such industry giants as Universal (now Aruze), Nintendo & Capcom as well as consulting for many start-ups to bring innovative new products to the U.S. market. Brian spent the last 8 years […]